New Members of The Hastings-on-Hudson Fire Department Certify on Bail Out Systems
By Chief John Lindner
November 15, 2020

On Sunday November 15th eight new members of the Hastings-on-Hudson (all volunteer) Fire Department as part of their continuing training to become interior firefighters completed Bailout training and required bailout jumps. One of the prerequisites to becoming an interior firefighters in New York State is obtaining certified on a bailout system. The bailout system consists of a metal hook attached to a rope that has a mechanical descender and are attached to a harness. The bailout system is a firefighters last resort when they may become trapped on an upper floor of a building and can not get out. The firefighter will tie off the hook to a substantial fixture in the building or hook the windowsill and bailout of the window head first. Once outside of the building they will lower themselves down the rope with the descender, similar to repelling. All of these firefighters will be attending or have attended the New Your State Certified Firefighter 1 class over the span of three months to obtain the required training and certifications to become Interior Firefighters. Our department recognizes the dedication of these members (listed below) to the village and are look forward to their successful completion and certification as Interior Firefighters. This certification requires annual recertification for all Interior Firefighters.

Sam Becker Engine 44,
David Finn Engine-45,
Jeremy Rynders Engine-46
Steven Cordones Ladder-22
Joan Dinowitz Ladder-22
Christopher Duda Ladder-22
Mamado Kita Ladder-22
Julie Mckinnen Ladder-22