Hastings-on-Hudson Fire Department Responds To Flood Conditions On Jackson Ave
By Assistant Chief John Lindner
September 29, 2023

The Hastings Fire department responded to a call of motorists stranded in flood waters and a oil truck into the water. Under the direction of Assistant Chief Mike Gunther several motorists were were rescued from stranded vehicles. The oil truck containing 3000 gallons of heating oil had gone off the road and into deep swift water. The truck was check and found to have no oil leaking. Because of the position of the truck and the flood situation the truck was left in place until the water subsides. The Fire Department ridged hull inflatable boat was deployed with members of the Swift Water Rescue Team to go house to house checking the residences on Old Jackson Road, four residents were evacuated to dry land. We thank the local philanthropic organization who donated the boat to the department after Hurricane Ida and the Andrus Foundation who has given a grant to purchase the equipment needed to outfit the Swift Water team.

Units involved
Engines 45
Engine 46
Rescue 100
Ladder 22
HFD Swift Water Rescue Team
Greenburgh PD
Westchester County PD ESU
Yonkers FD Captain

Thanks to freelance photographer Jim Metzger for the pictures.