Fire Prevention Week Information: Lithium-Ion Batteries
By Fire Prevention Officer Julie McKinnon
October 14, 2023

All across the country, there are First Responders and Fire Departments sharing Fire Prevention information and tips into their local communities this week. October 8th through 14th is Fire Prevention Week. Your Hastings-on-Hudson Fire Department requests that all residents take action this week in the spirit of Fire Prevention Week by doing the following:

- Watch this important video that we have created here in Hastings about how to care for and protect lithium-ion battery powered devices!
- Test all your smoke alarms at home (which is recommended that you do monthly). Install new batteries in any battery-powered alarm in your home. Smoke alarms should be on every level of your home, as well as both outside AND inside each bedroom.
- Install a Carbon Monoxide alarm if you don't have one on each level of your home.