Hastings Fire Department Trains With Other Local Departments
By Chief John Lindner
October 10, 2019

On Thursday October 10th members from five local departments Hastings, Elmsford, Tarrytown , Fairview and Greenville Fire departments
participated in a joint live burn drill at the County Training Center. The drill was focused on high rise fires operating hoses off standpipe risers and stretching a second line from the ground level to the fire floor. Other skills such as ladder operations, SCBA skills, accountability and search & rescue were covered.. Instructors from the training center provided instruction and critique of the drill that help us hone our skills. Thank you to the following

WCDES Instructors
Elmsford FD
Tarrytown FD
Fairview FD
Greenvill FD
Hastings FD
Hastings FD EMS